Consulting Group


Autonomous Vehicles

General Radar has developed a state-of-art imaging radar for self-driving vehicles.

Millimeter Wave

We have deep experience designing all aspects of millimeter systems. Antennas, beamformers, modules, transitions, etc.


We have unparalleled expertise in designing and building state-of-art Radio and Radar instruments.


We can design and build pretty much any antenna at any frequency.

Drones and counter-drone systems

We have experience building long endurance electric and hybrid gas-electric drones to carry our radar payloads. Our radar can also be used for fire control against malicious drones.

Space Antennas, Radios, Sensors

We have experience in designing and delivering a NASA Class-2 flagship Antenna Array.


We have experience in using our mmWave imaging radars as a Perception sensor for Robotics. Radar's primary advantage over Vision and Lidar is that it works in the rain and dust.



  • We can take a concept and develop it into a specification
  • Link budget studies, Antenna coverage
  • Radar-Cross-Section (RCS) Simulation and Optimization
  • MATLAB, AWR, and CST end-to-end modelling


  • Once a specification is ready we can design an implementation that will meet that spec
  • Antenna design
  • Beamformer design
  • Millimeter-wave module design
  • Millimeter-wave component design
  • Baseband design

Prototype Construction

  • Once a design is ready we can proceed to building the prototype
  • We have a state-of-art precision CNC milling machine on which we fabricate the majority of our prototypes. We only rely on external suppliers for low-complexity parts.
  • We also have several wirebonders which allows us to keep the mm- module assembly process fully in- house
  • But perhaps our biggest point of pride is our test and measurement expertise and equipment.
  • Full Simulation, Test and Measurement capabilities up to 110 GHz.


Prototype #1
Built out of cafeteria cups

Prototype #2:
Built out of 3D Printed Ultem 9085

Flight Hardware:
Each COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7 satellite carries two of our antennas.

The fairing of the SpaceX STP-2 rocket carrying six COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7 satellites.

STP-2 Launch on June 25th 2019 from Historic Launch Complex 39A at Cape Canaveral

Still Shot from orbit showing the separation of the last COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7 satellite.

The New Space Race

COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7 satellite featured on Wikipedia

In Taiwan, COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7 is featured on candy packets!

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